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Intuos 2 Series

Professional graphics tablet system with powerful expandable toolset for every digital media professional

Intuos 2 Series Photo

Intuos 2 presents an improved range of five tablets delivering major enhanced features, including an ergonomic input device design, a revised colour scheme and an advanced technology. It also boasts an extensive set of 9 input devices designed to provide a versatile and expandable tablet system. Intuos 2 has been developed for the production needs of digital media professionals, webdesigners, videographers, 2D/3D-designers and CAD-Users.

A powerful and enhanced toolset, based on the already established and proven features of Intuos, offers creative professionals unparalleled levels of productivity, control and flexibility.

Enhanced key features:

  • Intuos 2 Grip Pen -- the newly designed Intuos 2 Grip Pen has a wider rubberised grip area, optimum weight and balance. Reducing "hand tension", the pen also relieves strain and alleviates fatigue. This design gives users improved comfort, enhanced control and performance. The Intuos 2 Grip Pen is equipped with a fully programmable double side switch and a pressure sensitive tip and eraser;
  • Intuos 2 Designer Pen -- wrapped in aluminium brushed metal, the pen features the ultra-comfortable enlarged cushioned area of the standard Intuos 2 Grip Pen. This design relieves strain, alleviates fatigue and reduces hand tension when used over long periods. The rubberised grip offers improved comfort and control for optimum performance. The Intuos 2 Designer Pen is equipped with a fully programmable double side switch and a pressure sensitive tip;
  • Intuos 2 2D Mouse (included in A6 & A5 sized tablets) -- with Intuos 2, every customer of the smaller A5 and A6 tablets now receives a high performance mouse (2540 dpi) that is a benefit to users who prefer a mouse for general navigation. With a ball-free design the 2D Mouse is unaffected by clogging, maintaining unparalleled smooth tracking during an extended mouse life. The mouse is cordless, so there are no hassles with cables, and is also battery-free making it environmentally friendly. The 2D Mouse has three button functionality as well as scrolling capability with a finger-wheel for increased control;
  • Intuos 2 4D Mouse (shipped with A4 Regular, DTP versions of A4 Oversize and A3 tablets) -- the Intuos 2 4D Mouse is a completely new designed input device, developed to function as both a traditional scrolling mouse and a special input device. Used in applications that support its unique 4D features, it gives 360 degree rotational control. This, together with the self-centring finger-wheel and X- and Y-positioning, gives users greater precision in digital media manipulation with more powerful dimensional capabilities. The high precision, cordless and battery-free Intuos 2 4D Mouse offers far more than a normal scroll mouse. The self-centring finger-wheel allows users to zoom on the fly and in graphics applications, selecting and modifying Bezier curves has never been easier. The five freely programmable buttons can be assigned to any keyboard shortcuts and used as modifiers while working with the pen;
  • Distinctive colour and design -- the Intuos 2 tablets come in a Midnite colour, whilst all Intuos 2 Pens come in a range of subtly contrasting dark colours which blend in with the Midnite colour scheme;
  • Intuos 2 advanced technology -- Intuos 2 uses a higher sample frequency than Intuos and uses a digital over-sampling technique to track the input devices much more closely than before. This ensures optimum performance even in environments with high levels of interference from growing numbers of other electronic devices.

Unique Intuos 2 features:

  • Set of 9 optional input devices -- Intuos 2 offers a complete range of nine devices ensuring there is a tool for every digital designer's needs. With an ergonomic design, creative professionals can use the tools with increased comfort over prolonged periods. The original accessories: the Classic Pen, the Stroke Pen, the Ink Pen, the Airbrush and the Lens Cursor have been updated for Intuos 2 and now all Intuos 2 Pens come in different colours that reflect the "Midnite" colour scheme. Intuos 2 also offers a digital airbrush with a fingerwheel, which is pressure and tilt sensitive. The realistic simulation of digital ink application, spray distance and tilt angle brings it close to the authentic airbrush performance. The finger-wheel allows 1024 levels of fine graduation;
  • 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity -- with 1024 levels of pressure the Intuos 2 Pens and Airbrush respond naturally to pressure. This allows users to create smooth blends and pressure sensitive masking effects for a superior finish;
  • Application specific settings and Tool ID -- for every application, each Intuos 2 input device can be individually programmed and configured in the user-friendly "Tablet Control Panel". Digital media professionals can make the tools fit their own creative needs. Additionally, every input device has a unique Tool ID, which is automatically recognised by the tablet which loads the correct application specific settings;
  • Tilt -- all Intuos 2 tablets recognise tilt angles of up to 60 degrees (Intuos 2 A6 50 degrees) essential for realistic paintbrush simulation;
  • DualTrack -- since all Intuos 2 tablets (except A6) support WACOM's DualTrack function (for accepting input from two Intuos 2 Tools at once), you can use your 4D Mouse to rotate an object or canvas while you paint it using the pressure-sensitive Intuos 2 Pen;
  • Improved Driver -- driver support for both the Intuos 2 2D and 4D mice has been improved, with the mouse control panel including settings for both acceleration and speed. Fully HID-compliant, the tablet can be used for mouse tasks without the user having to load the driver.

Intuos 2 A6, A5, A4 Regular, A4 Oversize and A3 all feature a Serial or USB connector for both Macintosh and PC Configurations. With an additional UNIX Kit, all models featuring a Serial connector could also be used with Silicon Graphics, Sun and HP workstations.

All of the models are available in DTP/GRAPHIC Configuration, Intuos 2 A4 Oversize and Intuos 2 A3 are available in CAD Configuration as well.

Bundled free with all Intuos 2 graphic configurations are Painter Classic and penPalette, which work with both Windows and Macintosh platforms and fully support the unique Intuos 2 features.

WACOM Intuos 2 Serial requires a PC running Windows 95 or later, Windows NT 4.0 or later, CD-ROM Drive, available serial port.

WACOM Intuos 2 USB requires Apple iMac or Power Macintosh with active USB port running Apple System 8.5.1 or later, or any PC with active USB port running Windows 98 or later, Windows 2000 or later, CD-ROM Drive, available active USB port.

Intuos 2 tablets and components carry a 2-year warranty.

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