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Headquartered in Santa Barbara County, California, USA, MetaCreations Corporation, the Creative Web company, is focused on developing and marketing 2D and 3D visualization software for graphic artists and the World Wide Web. MetaCreations' Creative Web strategy is centered on the company's MetaStream™ and MetaFlash™ technologies and software development tools to accelerate the creation of 2D and 3D graphics for online applications, and to make fast, interactive use of photo-realistic 3D on the Web practical and pervasive. MetaCreations offers a complete product line of award-winning graphics desktop software for both professional users and consumers, and its products are available in more than 70 countries.

MetaStream Web Page

The MetaFlash™ technology was developed under the leadership of Dr. Sasha Migdal, who heads the MetaCreations Princeton Internet development facility. Dr. Migdal is a world-renowned theoretical physicist and an expert in the fields of quantum gravity and quark confinement. He left a Princeton University professorship to pursue full-time his vision for acquisition, streaming transmission, and use of 3D objects via the Internet. This vision was based largely on the unique dynamic triangulation theories Dr. Migdal had developed during his research of quantum gravity at Princeton and as head of the Laboratory of Computational Physics in the Cybernetics Council of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. These concepts have already resulted in the development of the MetaStream™ open file format and viewer, licensed by Microsoft and others.

MetaStream™ is MetaCreations' open graphics file format for scaling and streaming 3D objects via the Internet. In addition to being shipped with Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows 2000, the client-side engine is available as a free browser plug-in for Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator for Windows. To see examples of MetaStream™ in action, visit MetaStream Web Page, hosted by MetaCreations.

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